My name is Sara Kirby.
I'm running for Re-Election for
Parkrose School Board, position 2.
Please consider voting for me on May 21st.


Why I’m Running

The small size and diversity of the Parkrose School District community are reasons my husband I and chose to live and raise a family here. Now 11 years later, with over three years on the Parkrose School Board I’m running for Position 2 again. I have learned so much about public education in Oregon, the staff, the students and the community in Parkrose. This is a special place.

School should be an engaging, empowering and transformative experience for students. Because of statewide budget cuts, less is available to Oregon public schools students today, than when I was a kid. Less money, more high-stakes testing, less time being active and fewer elective choices.

My kids, our kids, all kids, deserve the best.

What do I stand for?
I support proven, effective strategies that help Parkrose students reach their potential.

I support a inclusive, welcoming and safe environment where all students and staff are respected.

I will continue to make thoughtful, evidence-based decisions.

I will continue use my position on the board to advocate for the resources our students need.

As the current board chair, and as a member, I will continue to facilitate open, respectful and collaborative, communication and relationships on the board.

I want to continue serving all Parkrose students as a member of the school board.

I would appreciate your vote on May 21st, we can do this together!



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About Me

I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Now I work at Metro regional government as a solid waste planner, coordinating regional garbage and recycling programs. I have a kindergarten student, a second-grader, a super husband and a dog with big ears.


"I am amazed at what Sara Kirby accomplishes…We need more people like Sara in positions that can make a positive impact like she does."

- Gretchen Gandara

“Sara has been a great spokesperson for the District in working with the City and the State, always in a strong, positive manner."

- MaryLu Baetkey 


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